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One of my discoveries this week on Vimeo was an excellent series of how-to videos by Carleton Torbin.  I’m guessing he made a short film with lots of different kinds of animation, and followed up with the series of how-tos, as a kind of “the making of” series.  I could have it backward.  Other than a peculiar fetish with a stuffed squirrel (which makes it kinda cool actually), Torbin explains basic animation in a way that is accessible to any beginner – and provides a basis from which you could take it to the next level.

To make browsing them in order easier, I’ve listed them below.  And at the end, you can watch the movie that puts all the techniques together.

Chapter 1:  Gear

Chapter 2:  Storyboarding

Chapter 3:  Hand-Drawn Animation

Chapter 4:  Colorformation

Chapter 5:  Timelapse Animation

Chapter 6:  Stop-motion Animation

Chapter 7:  Shooting Real Live Actors

Chapter 8:  Pixelation

Chapter 9:  Digital Matte Painting

Chapter 10:  Alternative Animation Techniques

Chapter 11:  Editing

Chapter 12:  Wrap-Up

And, finally – putting it all together:

Surreality from Carleton Torpin on Vimeo.

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