Going to Goa: On the Beach

Sharing a few photos from our recent trip to Goa, a former Portuguese colony in west/south India.  One of the things tourists love about the beaches here is how clean they are.  Whether it’s the currents, the population size or some other reason, we can definitely say there is a huge difference between what we experienced in Goa and what we experienced in Chennai.


Photographer on the Beach

Sea at south Goa

The beach goes on endlessly, and given its westward orientation, has great sunsets.

Fishing Boat

And like everywhere we’ve been so far in India, cows are a common sight. These two came out for an evening stroll.

Cows on the Beach

Finally, a different sort of sunset. If you’re in an air-conditioned room and want to take your camera outside for photography, you need to leave 20-30 minutes for the camera to warm up to the temperature of the outside air. While that is happening, all of the lenses fog up. This was the result of trying to take a photo before the fog finished clearing.


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