Going to Goa: Spotted at the Beach

During our trip to Goa, we took a trip to Palolem Beach, locally considered the most beautiful beach in Goa, and the setting for the opening scenes of the movie The Bourne Supremacy.  Luckily we were there before the tourist season, which means there was space to walk along the beach as vendors worked diligently on their “shacks” along the side in preparation for the arrival of tourists in the coming month or two.  But there were constant photo opportunities, some of which I’ll share below.

At the far end of the beach, the shallow slope of the beach means the shoreline moves hundreds of yards as the tide goes in and out. When it recedes, it exposes hordes of crabs that run back and forth sifting the sand and avoiding the sea birds that scoop them up. They would make great models for a Pixar film.


When you got too close to the crabs, they would stop and burrow straight down wherever they were on the beach. This behavior was copied by at least one human.

Clowning Around

Farther down, fishermen are cleaning their nets along the beach. We didn’t see any large fish but there were plenty of small ones.


Meanwhile, people continue to work on building the “shacks”. Mainly women. The women below carried container after container of sand from the beach…on their heads.

It was very warm and many people were swimming. Fortunately, there were lifeguards on hand:


Rescue Dog

I’ll close out with this group of guys, who were standing very passively while their friend was snapping pictures of them on his tablet. Until they spotted me behind him, taking pictures of him taking pictures. Then they suddenly got very animated.

Beach Photo

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