Random Scenes from Bangalore

We took a stroll through “Gandhi Bazaar” in Bangalore – also known as “Basavanagudi” – last weekend, and I thought I share some random – if occasionally odd – photos.


The first photo is literally a bunch of leaves. It’s “paan” – or betel leaves.  These leaves are used to wrap a mixture of substances often including betel nut that usually have a stimulant or psychoactive effect.  Often ladies are seen selling the leaves, and they will stack them as seen in the photo, which makes them easy to count, as they typically cost around 1 rupee per leaf.


What’s being sold here? It’s jewelry, of course!


This statue of Gandhi was placed unfortuitously underneath a giant tree. It looks like the cover several feet over the statue’s head was added at some point afterward. I’m guessing that too many birds were roosting in the tree, leaving their mark on the statue’s bald head. Hey, it would have been a shame to cut down the tree, don’t you think?


These young Indian women have stopped to check that the salesperson applying mehendi – a henna paste that is used to create intricate ceremonial designs on the hands and feet – is charging the tourist a fair price.  Once they satisfied themselves that he was, they smiled and moved on.


This little fella didn’t seem at all perturbed by all the tourists walking around. Just doing his part to clean up the streets, I guess.


I had to stop and snap a shot of the cutest little girl – who had fallen sound asleep on a tabletop. No worries, aunty and uncle were there to make sure she didn’t roll off!


Finally, I think the street dogs in this neighborhood must have been some of the healthiest (i.e. “fat”!) I have seen in any large Indian city. This one seems quite content and had no problem posing for a photograph.

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