Found Film Friday: Cowboys and RVs

It’s been a slow week for photography and blogging.  Last weekend we went to photograph and film the annual Ganesha Chathurti immersion of Ganesh idols in the sea.  I got some great video, but unfortunately can’t locate the video card I recorded it on.  So the only new post for this week is the weekly “found film” post.

This weeks’ film is a roll of size 620 Kodak Verichrome Pan film, which usually turns out pretty good pictures, even when it’s old.  I don’t believe this week’s roll is particularly old, as this appears to be a mid-1980s minivan:


I don’t imagine there were many people running around in the mid-1980s taking pictures with black-and-white medium format film (certainly more than there are nowadays, but still not many). This person wasn’t particularly skilled at the use of their camera. We have a few photos taken out of the car window while moving, mostly of a pretty barren landscape. They appear to have been driving around the American West.



And finally we have a whole string of pictures that run together, because the user failed to advance the film completely. But it makes for an interesting negative, I guess:


I’m working on another collection of negatives I’ve come across – this time from Maine. It’s about 20 rolls of film taken over the span of a few years, and I’m trying to get them in some sort of reasonable sequence that makes sense. Look for them in the coming weeks, but here is a teaser. The photos are from the late 1940s and early 1950s, but she’s holding a vest pocket kodak from the 1920s (or older).


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