Washington, DC by Night

Washington, D.C. is an interesting place to photograph, but it goes without saying that it’s completely different from the photography environment we had gotten accustomed to in India.

Jefferson MemorialA couple of weeks ago we became aware that there was going to be a “supermoon” – a larger (closer) than normal full moon, and via Meetup.com we found a group of photographers who had identified a good location to try and capture the full moon, given that the Capitol is currently covered with scaffolding and this made the Netherlands Carillon / Iwo Jima Memorial less than ideal.  So we set up across from the Jefferson Memorial and waited with anticipation for the moon to “rise” from just to the left of that memorial. Jefferson Memorial

Alas, it was not to be. Too many clouds. So instead we decided to hone our skills at generic night photography instead. We had to fight for space as we lined up at the end of the reflecting pool on the mall and the moon struggled, but never succeeded, in coming out from behind the thin cloudcover.

Washington MonumentThen we moved to the other end and I tried a few similar shots of the Lincoln Memorial and the World War II Memorial, which can be interesting to photograph because of the moving water in the fountains. Lincoln Memorial

World War II Memorial

We didn’t manage to capture our supermoon, but it wound up being a good rehearsal for the next supermoon, which comes only a month later – on the night of September 27/28. And this one is going to be even more special, because it will coincide with a full lunar eclipse, visible in the northern hemisphere, at about 9:07 pm Eastern.

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