Calling all Amateur Botanists – Identify this tree?

I have managed to identify all of the (often) strange trees and shrubs in my neighborhood, but there is one that has been confounding me. I’ve looked through all the best “local trees and shrubs” guides with no luck, and wonder if maybe it’s a species that’s non-native to Namibia or southern Africa.

It first piqued my interest when, unlike all of the other trees in the neighborhood, it started dropping its large leaves in the spring (southern hemisphere). Then it has sprouted all these red buds and flowers along its periphery. While its trunk is a “normal” tree trunk, the branches are covered in a thin green bark. Here are some photos:

As an aside, while I was photographing, I found this combination bird and wasp nest:

The full-size photos can be found here:

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One Response to Calling all Amateur Botanists – Identify this tree?

  1. Herberton Brachychiton Acerifolius
    Flame tree?

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