Photos: Reflections at Etosha NP

It’s fun to play around with reflections off a body of water – though in my experience, it’s rare to come across a body of water (a) that’s calm enough to reflect without too much distortion (b) at the right time of day and (c) where there’s something worth reflecting.

At a recent visit to Etosha National Park in northern Namibia, Okaukuejo Camp sits alongside a (man-made) watering hole to the west – and in the last few months before the rains begin (October is ideal) all sorts of animals meander down to the water’s edge at sunset.  That can make for a lot of fun shots:

Rhinoceros Reflection

I thought the photo above was interesting because it combines the reflected rhinoceros and a reflected bird, with a jackal that happens to be on the other side of the watering hole, in profile.

Rhinoceros and Giraffe

In this photo, a rhinoceros, a giraffe and a bird (only the rhino is actually seen in the shot) are reflected in the watering hole.  Because the rhino is somewhat camouflaged against the rocks in the waning light, I thought it might be fun to flip the photo.

Image 20111031221002

Finally, this lone springbok.  I find the mirror image remarkable because the water is completely calm, in spite of the fact that the springbok just walked into the water and is drinking at the time of the photo.  No ripples!

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