Amazing Jelly Bean Stop-Motion

Take a look at this stop-motion music video made for Kina Grannis’ song “In Your Arms.”  And before you look at it, take note of the fact that it is 100% stop-motion – no green screen, no CGI.

This video was photographed frame-by-frame over a period of 22 months, involved a crew of 30 people, and using 288,000 jelly beans.  My first reaction was, “Wow, what dedication / how amazing” but then on the other hand, all this effort for a music video??? 

Check my math here, but at 400 jelly bellies a pound, that’s 720 pounds of Jelly Bellies.  The company lists a 10-pound bag for $85; so assuming no sponsorship, that’s $61,200 worth of jelly beans.  Add in 1357 hours and assume about 6 people on the job at any given time, at minimum wage that’s at least another $60,000.  Now throw in, say $30,000 worth of gear and we are at $150,000 for a three-minute music video.  At minimum.

But it would be cool to say you did it.  And 1.5 million views so far is nothing to sneeze at either.

Here’s how they did it:

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