Perry’s 53 Seconds

I don’t normally blog about politics – and, well, this isn’t really about one party versus another – it’s about how you screw up in public nowadays, it forever becomes part of the public record.

Before the days of YouTube (I think it was like 8 or 9 months ago?) a political candidate only had to worry about who was watching when a debate aired on TV, and which journalists would write about it the next day.  But I’m continually amazed how nowadays, YouTube is forever.  And that we all take this for granted.

The weirdest thing is that Rick Perry’s 53 seconds of groping on TV will end up eclipsing Herman Cain’s ALLEGED groping, in terms of impact it will have on the campaign.

It might be fun to come up with potential titles. Here are a few:

  • Presidential campaign drives candidate to alcoholism
  • At least he’s wasting his OWN money


Hilarious is Ron Paul trying to throw him off track even more, by demanding 5 agencies when Perry can’t even remember 3.
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