Cheetahs and Leopards

Had the opportunity to do some filming of cheetahs and leopards (well, actually just one leopard) recently.  They make excellent photo and video subjects!  The first was an amazing opportunity at Okonjima & Africats, (about 2 hours north of Windhoek, Namibia) – I blogged about it once before – when we found 3 cheetahs lounging in the late afternoon sun, and the full moon rose behind them.  This is the video of the experience of tracking and discovering them.  They are collared, but this is a rehabilitation facility and these particular cheetahs are learning to hunt and survive, something they never had the opportunity to learn from their mother.

The second video is from Duesternbrook Safari Guest Farm – they have a few cheetahs and a leopard in captivity – also supposedly to try and eventually release them into the wild – and they take tourists in for the daily feedings.  The cheetahs behave, in my opinion, like dogs and appear quite tame, but the leopard is definitely still a wild animal, as he loses patience and starts to come at the (open) vehicle several times, and the driver uses the sound of the engine to scare him away.

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