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Vintage Camera: Agfa Billy Compur

The latest addition to my small but growing vintage camera collection arrived recently.  It’s an Agfa Billy Compur judging from the name imprinted on the leather surrounding the case, and it was manufactured sometime between 1934 and 1942.  It’s a … Continue reading

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Why We Create

Sometimes I find myself caught up in the creative process of editing a video to the point where it competes with other responsibilities (and pleasures) in life, and possibly borders on obsession.  Sitting at the computer in the late hours … Continue reading

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Animation How-To Videos

One of my discoveries this week on Vimeo was an excellent series of how-to videos by Carleton Torbin.  I’m guessing he made a short film with lots of different kinds of animation, and followed up with the series of how-tos, … Continue reading

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Weather Stop-Motion “how-to”, vol 2

You’ve all seen it on Survivor: someone takes an interesting weather feature, such as moving clouds or a sunset, and either uses stop-motion techniques or radically speeds up the footage to create an interesting effect. It’s a fun technique that can make for a useful clip to use as an intro, outro, scene-setter or transition. The big-time moviemakers probably use something fancier than what I’m about to describe here, but virtually anyone can do this with consumer video-editing software. As I found out, however, it’s a little tricker than I thought. Continue reading

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