Found film: Cowboy Outfit – Yellowstone!

One more installment in the “found film” series.


This series of photos came to us via eBay from an unknown camera. The first and fourth photos feature a little girl – one posing in a cowboy (-girl) outfit, and the other is from what looks like a camping trip perhaps. They appear to be from the same trip, as the cowboy photo has a picnic table in the background.

What’s got me stumped, however, is the other two photos – it looks like a bunch of people watching something in the water – some sort of competition? Everyone seems pretty decently dressed for fishing. And the portrait orientation of the photo, when landscape seems like it would have been much more useful, is also a mystery. Any ideas?

UPDATE: May, 2014.  So it turns out, this is probably a camping trip to Yellowstone.  The last two photos appear to be of a geyser.  Which explains the “portrait” orientation – they were capturing the plume of the geyser, no longer visible after years of fading.


Found Film 4


Found Film 4

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