Found Film: Hannah and her Sister

This week we have one of three rolls found (by someone else) in a storage unit in Worcester, Massachusetts.  This set of film rolls is interesting in that they are all different types of film, and thus came from different cameras.  There is a fourth in the set, which I already posted a few weeks ago – a set of panoramic 35mm photos of the beach.  It’s unclear how this roll relates to the other 3 – they are completely different styles.  Nor is it clear whether the remaining rolls are all related.

It’s unclear to me how four completely different rolls of film end up not being processed by their owner(s?) and wind up in a storage unit in Worcester, Massachusetts.  These are the mysteries of found film.

In terms of time frame, the other two rolls have a few clues.  They also suggest the older of the two girls in this roll is named Hannah.  This is probably her camera, and it used 110 film.  I believe it’s from the late 1990s.

I believe this is Hannah, taking a selfie in the mirror.

I think this is also a “selfie”

Where are they now? Maybe someday we’ll find out.

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