A Brief History of Photography…as of 1912.

img485I have a few old camera magazines – about a century old.  It’s fun to flip through them every now and then and consider how much has changed…and in some cases, how little has changed…in the field of photography.

The article below, from the December 1912 issue of “The Camera” magazine (cover above), recounts the history of photography from that time frame.  Nowadays with our digital, throw-away cameras worth hundreds of dollars (or more) that do all kinds of crazy things we don’t even know about, in order to produce perfect images that can then be altered and made to “look old” again, I think few people know how photography actually came to be.

And in spite of all the things which have changed, it’s still all about capturing light through a lens and a very small opening to produce tiny chemical reactions on a flat surface.  Oh, and the screw used to attach a camera to a tripod is still exactly the same size.

img480 img481 img482 img483 img484


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2 Responses to A Brief History of Photography…as of 1912.

  1. jdelliott says:

    Have fun and share with your kids, make a pinhole camera from any box. If box is round sided, it’s even more interesting! I have made a few back in the day.

  2. Tom (Admin) says:

    Thanks for the feedback! I did a pinhole project last year but it didn’t turn out so well: Matchbox pinhole project

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