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Found Film Friday: Fungus

It’s “Found Film Friday!”  This week’s roll is a bit different from most weeks.  This week’s roll seems to have been stored in conditions that allowed some sort of mildew or fungus to grow on the  film.  This was not … Continue reading

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Accidental Cross-Process

There’s this whole experimental back-to-film movement where people are doing things to get weird and unexpected effects.  Like using Lomography “purple” film, reversing the way your film faces to get “redscale” pictures, and “cross processing.”  Cross processing is either processing … Continue reading

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Getting that “Wild West” feel – “down under” in Namibia

Just outside the vast “dune sea” of the Namib Naukluft Park is the last place you can get gas, before you venture into the coppery-red dunes of Sossusvlei, a dry but harsh landscape where only the most well-adapted creatures can … Continue reading

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21 Sunsets – a timelapse project

I love doing timelapses – especially of natural phenomena.  But I admit it can be a lot harder than it first appears – if you want to do it right.  But moving to Namibia and finding housing on a westward-facing … Continue reading

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Photoshop Express Effects

I’ve been fooling around with the Photoshop Express App for the iPad – mostly because I’m not clever or patient enough to master the REAL Photoshop.  Given the right photo, you can use the (relatively) limited effects available on the … Continue reading

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Army Peer-to-Peer Safety Video Contest

Good news and bad news – my entry to the US Army Combat Readiness / Safety Center’s video contest was approved, but so were a load of others!  The contest has been running since October, but like most video contests, … Continue reading

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