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Droning with the Dolphins

They were so majestic.  About a half-mile out, I would swim directly overhead a pod of dolphins swimming directly beneath me, maybe 7 or 8 meters down.  They’d swim slowly, all most like they were “letting” me keep up.  Then … Continue reading

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Views of the Great Barrier Reef

We recently had the pleasure of enjoying one of the “seven wonders of the natural world,” the Great Barrier Reef.  Launching from Port Douglas on Australia’s northeast coast, we took an all-day boat trip about 70km out to see and … Continue reading

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Dispatch from Sierra Leone: River Number Two Beach – Part 2

Just sharing a couple of short videos we did at “River Number Two” Beach south of Freetown, Sierra Leone.  Overcast day at the beach, what better activity than to fly a quadcopter with GoPro around the beach?  We took a … Continue reading

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Swimathon: Bird’s Eye View

Last week I took part in a “Swimathon” in Goa, on the eastern coast of southern India.  Participants were to swim either 2 km, 1 km, or 250 meters in the calm sea.  It was a great set of races, … Continue reading

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Review: Phantom 2 Quadcopter

One of my photographer friends posted a video on Facebook a couple of weeks ago and wrote something along the lines of, “This video is guaranteed to convince you to buy a GoPro and a Quadcopter…” He was right.  Proceed … Continue reading

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