Meet the “Smith” Family

Found Film:  Kodacolor-X Christmas The “Smith” Family Celebrates Christmas – First in a series of film rolls all taken by the same family, and never developed.  The film came to me from Colorado.



Found Film:  Kodacolor-X EasterThe “Smith” Family Celebrates Easter – Second in a series.  Kodacolor-X film that was developed in black and white, and needed a lot of work to darken and enhance so we could see what these folks were up to way back when.


Found Film:  Kodacolor X Good TimesGood Times for the “Smith” Family – Third in a series of film rolls from the 1960s.  This set of photos is a variety of significant family events where they took a few pictures here and there to remember the event.  But never developed the film, so we have to remember for them.


Found Film:  Kodacolor-X Trip to FloridaThe “Smith” Family Goes to Florida – Everybody needs a vacation.  In this fourth installment in a series of found film posts, our family from the 1960s takes a trip to Florida, where they spend some time at Miami’s “Parrot Jungle” (now called “Jungle Island”) and also go to the beach.


Found Film: Kodacolor-X Visit to Grandpa's Trip to Grandpa’s – This is the final installment in a series of film rolls recovered from Colorado, and originally shot in the 1960s.  We have met the “Smiths” and seen them at Christmas, Easter, birthdays and a trip to Florida and camping with the Airstream.  In this final post from that set of film, the kids go to spend some time with Grandpa.

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