About Me

When I grow up, I want to make short films.  Until then, I have bills to pay, doing a job I love because it takes me all over the world, where I can record interesting stuff, slide it around on my computer, find the right soundtrack, and turn it into a story.

I like finding the extraordinary in the ordinary.  I’m one of those irritating people running around filming everything.  You know the type, and you may have seen me.  I experience life through a viewfinder.  Sometimes I worry that if I don’t capture it on video, maybe it didn’t really happen…

I also enjoy taking pictures – especially on film cameras that are older than I am.  Sometimes much older.  I like figuring out how the really old ones work, and seeing what they can do.  Which is how I ended up owning over one hundred film cameras…and one digital.

– Connect –

Check out my YouTube channel if you’re interested in seeing what I do.  Or Vimeo.  I like taking still photos too – check ’em out at Flickr.  Or follow on Twitter.

Questions?  Send them to Tom@tazmpictures.com.

Thanks for dropping by.