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Feel free to download any of this music and use it for stuff – Creative Commons (attribution-sharealike) – all I ask is to see what gets done with it, really.  Just out of curiosity.  If you don’t like my free stuff, check out some of this other stuff – some is free, and if it’s not free, it’s within reach of the home user.

General Music

Added on 15 December:

Autumn Leaves – a simple piano waltz with a bouncy clarinet melody.  It sounds a bit 70s sitcom-ish.  So I made one without the clarinet too.

Autumn Leaves without clarinet.  Used in a video for World Run Day – a MasterCard “priceless” spoof.

Piano Riff. That’s what it is.  I like it but am not sure where to go with it.

Windmills. Harp with a piano melody running throughout.  The middle part reminds me a little of Dire Straits’ “Private Investigations”.  Apologies to Mark Knopfler and pals.

Windmills without piano.  Same as previous, but – you guessed it!  A bit more dreamy – I used it for a video about wind and wind turbines. I know – why make a video about wind turbines.  Check it out!

Untitled. One of my favorite pieces so far.  Piano, strings, bass.

Previous stuff:

Some variations on a theme I’ve had stuck in my head for months, but just cant get to come out right:

Dangling bit dark, looping keyboard piece, adding drums at the end

Come on come on – kind of a cheerful pop instrumental which sounds better on the keyboard than after it was transferred to the computer 🙁

Dark Cave – a short dreamy piece I did to add music to a video taken inside a cave.

Seashore – dreamy, reminiscing, a bit sad.  Made as background for our time at the coast.  To watch when we’re old.

Wonderful World (Seashore part II) – I wanted to make the video sequence above a bit more cheery, so I came back to this piece at the end.  My apologies to the late Mr. Armstrong.

suess3 – just a basic beat I made to accompany our entry in Dr. Seuss’s 50th Anniversary Video Contest for Green Eggs and Ham.

Safety song – a silly tune I wrote for an entry in the Army’s Safety Video contest. It’s supposed to be catchy.

safetydance 2 – another tune for a second entry in the Army’s Safety Video contest.  It’s a bit more fast-paced, tries to be a news/tech intro piece.

An “Album” I composed and recorded on my PSP using the game “Beaterator”

1 – Prologue – short flute bit that was originally part of track 2.  Theme repeats elsewhere.

2 – Parabolic – slow beat with guitar flourishes that gradually becomes more electronic.  I like how it builds in the end.

3 – Ring Of Fear – 120bpm, a bit techno, incorporates “Ring of Fire” and other tunes.

4 – Steppe It Up – Started out a bit central Asian but ended up a bit silly.  Incorporates various melodies.

5 – Flying To Kandahar – Kind of funky, actually wrote this while flying to Kandahar.  Try that on a C130.

6 – The Matador – Tried to make this a bit Spanish sounding.  But with a techno beat.

7 – Funky Bricks – Yes, the riffs from “Brick House” and “Play that Funky Music” do fit together, in case anyone was wondering.  With a few others thrown in.

8 – Coastal Wind – Starts out reminding me of the “Prince of Bel-Air” theme.  Mellow, but builds.

9 – Ulf Attack – A bit of a Middle-Eastern sound.  Average speed.

10 – Fiddler On Crack – What happens when you mix “Fiddler on the Roof” with Beaterator?

11 – Desert Attack – Reminds me a bit of the music for an action film set in one of those “Indiana Jones” settings.  Alternates between mellow and intense.

12 – Nomad – Again, a bit of a Middle Eastern flute-techno thing.  I like this one.  I think it would sound good with proper instruments.

13 – Scuba Steve Blues – Started out with some sounds and a basic beat, and ended up with blues.  Don’t know what Scuba Steve has to do with it, except I like Adam Sandler movies.

14 – Dubai – This picks up the prologue again to round everything out.  Strong beat, and kinds of mixes together elements from all the pieces above.  Written during a flight delay in – guess where?


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