Strategy Change Needed in Afghanistan
Feb 2, 2009 Army Times (guest opinion) – Argues against a troop surge in Afghanistan

Exploiting Insurgent Violence in Afghanistan
Aug 2009, Military Review – Argues for more effective responses to insurgent violence. Violent attacks are designed to achieve psychological, attitudinal or behavioral effects – something we often overlook, instead choosing to focus on the kinetic effects of violence. Often, our response achieves exactly what the insurgent intended.

Why a “Population-Centric” Approach Doesn’t Go Far Enough
Feb 1, 2010, Centre for International Governance Innovation blog – Encourages a “perception-centric” approach in the Afghan war (opinion).

The Scramble for Sapphires in Madagascar’s Protected Rainforest
Nov 2019, Medium – Thousands of artisanal miners hunt for sapphires in the middle of a protected rainforest, with disastrous results.

Burning Down the House: Police Forcibly Evict Urban Poor in Madagascar’s Capital
Nov 2019, Medium – Urban police in Madagascar evict residents of a homeless encampment. Despite tragic outcomes, little sympathy from city residents.

What Some African Countries can Teach Trump about Democracy
Jan 4, 2021, Medium – Half a year after successfully holding their own elections, Burundians weigh in on Trump’s refusal to concede the U.S. presidential election (opinion).

Kompiang Davies: Bringing Bali to the Bay
Oct 2020, Richmond Confidential – In her native Bali, Kompiang Davies was forbidden from singing, dancing or playing any musical instrument. Then she fled to California.

Concerned Citizens Fight Growing Food Insecurity
Oct 2020, Richmond Confidential – “Four,” came the shout as another car filed into Richmond Police Activities League’s parking lot on September 22. This was passed down the line to a platoon of volunteers who rushed to assemble four food bundles as the car approached. Every Tuesday and Thursday since early September, thousands of these bundles, prepared by a variety of Oakland restaurants, are distributed to pedestrians and motorists – no questions asked.

Richmond Votes
Nov 2020, Richmond Confidential – Did you vote? Richmond Confidential’s staff visited every one of Richmond’s polling centers and observed a calm Election Day. Check in with us in the coming days as we report on Richmond’s election results. Click on this interactive map to see Richmond’s polling stations on Election Day.

Few Surprises as Richmond, Contra Costa Back Biden
Nov 2020, Richmond Confidential – Although some had predicted post-election violence, Election Day in Richmond was relatively calm as nearly 75 percent of Contra Costa County’s voters cast their ballots for Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden.

The Day the Music Died: How Covid-19 has Spurred Innovation in the Music Sector
Nov 2020, Richmond Confidential – With live music banned, musicians in and around Richmond have scrambled to make ends meet. Some have had to turn away from music altogether. But others have discovered new ways to connect with audiences – sometimes with surprising results.

Rain or Shine, Grassroots Organizations Deliver Aid to Unhoused
Jan 2020, Street Spirit – The unhoused depend on help from various grassroots organizations in order to survive.

Among the Unhoused, Mixed Reactions to Presidential Election Results
Dec 2020, Street Spirit – Surveys homeless in Oakland regarding the presidential election outcome.


Artisan: Jobs in Madagascar’s Informal Sector
2017-2019 – Four-part series exploring little-known trades in Madagascar’s informal sector

Gorillas in their Midst
Dec 2020 – Visiting the mountain gorillas in SW Uganda during COVID-19 poses a risk to the gorillas. But shutting off tourism altogether is not an option.

Where has all the Music Gone?
Dec 2020 – With live music banned due to covid-19, musicians in San Francisco’s East Bay have been forced to innovate – in ways that will continue to benefit them after covid.