Hanging Around in Hyderabad

I had the opportunity to spend a bit of time in Hyderabad, India’s fourth-largest city.  It has some very interesting and historically significant buildings and monuments, centuries-old bazaars, and the ancient ruins of an old fort – as well as friendly and interesting people.  Here are some of my initial impressions – more to be added later.

Wall b/w

The walls and buildings made interesting photography subjects. I also couldn’t get over the amount of electrical wires and cables strung between buildings. I suggested to one shopkeeper who was amused when I was looking at and photographing all of the wiring, that maybe it would be a good idea to cut it all down and start over. He just laughed.

Modern Ivy

People were very friendly and open to being photographed.



In the crowded fruit and vegetable market, we encountered not only people who were fascinated by the foreigners with cameras walking through the market, but animals. My wife was snapping photos of a stray cat with a great background, and someone asked me quizzically, “is there something special about that cat?” When we took pictures of this goat, however, the owner quickly came over and wanted to be photographed WITH his goat.


Many of the people we met in the fruit and vegetable market can be found at this link. They are “Strangers” numbered 24 to 31.

More photos to be added in a few days.

Minaret b/w

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