Raymond Albert’s Photos

Raymond Albert's Photos - Roll 1Introducing the Alberts – First post from a set of 20 rolls of (already developed) negatives from Rumford, Maine in the mid-20th century.  One roll had a name and address scrawled on it, and the rest of what we know about this family is deduced from that name and the photos in this and the following posts.


Raymond Albert's Photos - Roll 5The Alberts and the Korean War – Second post in the ongoing series about a box of negatives that belonged to the late Raymond Albert.  Taken around 1950.



Raymond Albert's Photos - Roll 7The Alberts Go Fishing – Another post from the Raymond Albert collection.  This one features a fishing trip with the extended family, and includes some of my favorite photos from the entire bunch.


Raymond Albert's Photos - Rolls 7-8-9-10The Alberts:  Summer and Fall 1951 – The story of Raymond Albert’s family, as told through his lost and found photos, continues as we enjoy a late summer in Rumford, Maine around 1951-ish.  There is no real theme to tie these photos together – they come from three different rolls, each of which only had a few turn out well for some reason.


Raymond Albert's Photos - Rolls 7-8-9-10The Alberts at Christmas – Guessing this is Christmas 1951.  It’s always interesting to see what’s under the Christmas trees from yesteryear.  This year Santa brought dolls and large stuffed animals for the girls.


Raymond Albert's Photos - roll 11Albert Family Outings – Spring and summer, 1952, in which the family takes a trip to the beach, and also some nice shots from a picnic.  And finally, a visit to Grandma’s.



Raymond Albert's Photos - roll 13Two Weddings – This latest post shares the photos he took of two different weddings, a few years apart.  I believe the first is from the wedding of Raymond Albert’s younger brother, and the second is that of Jules A. Fisher.  According to the 1940 census, Jule [sic] was the younger brother of Cecile, Raymond’s (the photographer’s) wife.

Raymond Albert's Photos - roll 16Trips to the Zoo and to Montreal – Two rolls of film, in which they took pictures of 3 different trips, including one to the zoo, and one to nearby Montreal, Canada.  It’s interesting to see and compare the differences in Montreal’s skyline, from the 1950s, to today.
Raymond Albert's Photos - roll 18The Alberts Visit Quebec – This post features photos from a trip the family took to Quebec, circa 1955.  On this trip, they visit a number of different cultural and/or religious sites.  I was able to identify a few of them.  If you’ve been to Quebec, I welcome help on the rest!


Raymond Albert's Photos - roll 19Lakes and Rivers – In this post, the family spends some time at an unidentified lake, and then later takes a trip to the “1000 Islands” area of New York.  We also learn a bit about the Oxford Mill, where most of the Rumfeld men made their living.


Raymond Albert's Photos, roll 21 Grandpa Albert’s House on the Coast – Appears to be a family reunion of some sort at a house on the coast.  A number of group photos and the kids playing with bunnies.



Raymond Albert's Photos, roll 22 One Last Wedding – This roll features photos of a wedding – from the looks of it, a double wedding.  If I had to guess, I’d say it’s probably the younger sister of Mrs. Albert. She would be the bride on the left. Like all the weddings that we’ve seen thus far, this one takes place in St. John’s (Catholic) Church.


Raymond Albert's photos - roll 23 The Androscoggin Flood of 1953 – This last roll is a little different in that the photographer went out to document a natural event during that time period – a flood which I believe to have taken place beginning on March 27-30, 1953.



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