Every Day is a Surprise. Also, People are A$$h0Le5. (part 2)

And so, my motorcycle was repaired, and I planned for the next day to be completely uneventful – one of those days where you catch up on tasks that have been piling up. But I was wrong.

The morning was pretty routine, and then I went to my place of work, where I saw that a small black cat was sitting within the (fenced) compound. She was meowing for attention, and as I got closer, I noticed (with horror) that one of her rear legs was a mess. Apparently some fine example of a human being had attached a plastic zip tie to her leg and pulled it tight, cutting off the circulation, resulting in gangrene and eventual necrosis.

The cat was craving attention, despite the condition of her leg. She was also quite malnourished, with hip bones clearly visible. I continued homeward (I had a dog in the car) but I realized I had to do something about this poor cat. I called our local vet and sent him pictures I am not sharing here, and his response was “OMG that is bad.” I asked if I could bring the cat to him and he agreed.

Kitty meowed, but often made no sound. Her tongue appeared to be about 2mm too long and stuck out every time she meowed. And she craved human contact. As a Person Who Knows About Cats, I can officially qualify this cat as “very cute.” She insisted we scratch her ears. But her leg was a mess and smelled bad.

So what to do?  Well, here’s what we did.

I stayed to watch the entire procedure, and help out from time to time. And I realized, at no point that morning had it occurred to me that by dinnertime, I’d be watching a veterinarian amputate a cat’s leg.

She’s a voracious eater and has already put on some weight to hide those hip bones and ribs. But now we need someone in Burundi to give her a “forever home.” Spread the word!

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