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Langkawi: the Jewel of Kedah

As our departure from India loomed closer, thoughts turned to all of the wonderful places in India we hadn’t yet managed to visit. India is so vast and diverse. We thought two years would be plenty of time to see all … Continue reading

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Short Film: Kinabatangan

I’ve been talking a lot about photography and vintage cameras on this blog, but originally this was all about video editing and production.  This is the first “real” video I’ve done in some time – a short documentary film as … Continue reading

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Two Towers, Two Cameras, Two Views on Photography

Kuala Lumpur’s Petronas Towers make interesting photographic subjects – not because they are the tallest twin buildings in the world, but because of their shape and the textures and patterns on the outside of the building.  At night, they are lit … Continue reading

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Greeting the New Year in Kuala Lumpur

Yes, I’m two weeks late.  But it’s been a busy two weeks! We recently took our first trip to Malaysia, and wanted it to be a mix of big-city-Kuala-Lumpur / shopping, and seeing monkeys and apes in Borneo.  Something for … Continue reading

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