Hope of Good Hope gets a Sponsor

It seems that the “Home of Good Hope”, a local soup kitchen that feeds approximately 350 desperately poor children in a local township shantytown, has gotten a Dutch “gemeente” (roughly equivalent to a county) as an official sponsor.  TAZM Pictures recently made a promotional video for the Home of Good Hope, and it receives regular support from the International Womens’ Association of Namibia.  But the Dutch organization “Stichting Home of Good Hope”, which provides financial support, has had its project chosen as the official “Millennium Project” by the gemeente “Gilze en Rijen.”  We are proud of our support to the project and are excited about its future.

See the video below in which the Mayor (“burgemeester”) of Gilze en Rijen explains pretty much what I’ve told you (in Dutch) and check out the cool effects they use – definitely an attention-getter!

And if you want to learn more about the Home of Good Hope, this is the video we made about it. Soon to be released in Dutch, we think!


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