How to Get “Likes” on Facebook

All you need to do is make a viral video.  I know, you’re saying there’s no way to make a “viral video” – all you can do is make a video and hope it goes viral.  But there is an easy formula – you just need to include a few key elements in order to guarantee that your video, will be guaranteed to go viral.

These key elements include kittens, or cats (at least 1); a fluffy yellow bird, some sort of shark or fish costume, and a robot.  This is one example of combining all those elements:

Then, all you do is ask people to “like” your facebook page and wait for the magic to happen.

Update: It seems that the owners of the above Facebook page forgot one small detail: make sure the video in question is yours. Remember that box you check when you upload a video to Facebook? It pays to read it.

It appears that the video originally appeared on YouTube. So the title of this post should have been “how to get a million views on YouTube”:

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2 Responses to How to Get “Likes” on Facebook

  1. Lynn says:

    If only I’d known it was that easy!

  2. Tom (Admin) says:

    I know right? Who knew?

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