Drones to Be Deployed in South Africa. Beer Drones.

Last week, I posted a few examples of the creative ways drones can be used to make life better (see “Got Drones” and “Build Your Own Plant Host Drone”).  Now there’s one that tops them all, because it combines things many men love: loud live music, remote control vehicles, and beer.

The Oppikoppi Festival in South Africa has announced that they will be deploying flying “octocopter” drones to deliver beer to customers who will order them by mobile phone.  They say they are using remote control now, but the idea is to eventually use GPS.  The idea seems fraught with possible pitfalls and PR missteps.  I mean, let’s bear in mind that there will be a fair number of concertgoers who will have imbibed more than their fair share of beer.  Now there’s a device with whirring blades over their heads dropping 16 ounce packages according to GPS instructions that should get them within a meter or two.  Hopefully.  Fly too high and someone gets conked on the noggin.  Fly too low and someone may get an unexpected haircut.

But I’m definitely intrigued.

The company is still in its testing phase and the promise updates.  Here’s where they’re at right now:



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