The City By the Bay

Marin County Coast
Marin County Coastline

The latest turn in our Western States Odyssey took us into San Francisco.  And if you’ve never had the opportunity, a great thrill ride is to take a 31-foot RV and drive it over the Golden Gate Bridge and straight through the heart of San Francisco.  I believe if you put it dead center one of the lanes on a major San Francisco artery, you will have about 5 inches to spare on either side of the wheels before you hit the white lines on either side.  Add in other buses, cable cars / the Muni, hills and hordes of other drivers, and you’re in for loads of excitement.

Welcome to San Fran

We parked the RV in a park right next to Candlestick Park, which on most days is a quiet neighborhood.

Candlestick Park Stadium

Within a couple of hundred yards is a former landfill turned into a recreation area (walking and jogging trails) with a constant view of the Bay, and you can also do a nice run up Bay View Hill:

Bay View Park in San Francisco California.


Best part of San Francisco:  meeting up with friends and family we haven’t seen for years.  We really should make the effort to do that more often.

Next:  heading east, to Davis and Reno

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