Southern SuburbIndia: Kolams and Cows

Every morning, all across southern India, millions of women wake up at sunrise to draw what’s known as a “kolam” at the entrance to their home.  Kolams are geometric designs hand “drawn” by sprinkling rice flour (or in some cases other substances) on a freshly-swept and watered piece of pavement.  I see them on my early morning runs, along with any number of other things.  Every day, something new!

To give you a sense, I took a walk down a random street in my neighborhood:  all of the photos below are on a 200 meter stretch of road the view immediately below being from one end.



Just for interest, this is the street sign using the standard marking system:

And here are the kolams:
DSC06107 DSC06109


The kolam below is larger than normal, as it is drawn in preparation for a wedding to take place over the next few days.



And last but not least, cows wander through traffic with complete impunity. This one is taking a break at the end of the street.

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4 Responses to Southern SuburbIndia: Kolams and Cows

  1. Mary Rensen says:

    Very interesting. Did I tell you that my next door neighbors are from India, very nice people. A husband and wife with two college age boys. They are very quiet too.

  2. Mary Rensen says:

    Interesting is not the word, It is like another world, really enjoyed it. Keep it coming

  3. Karen Mappin says:

    Love the pics! Miss you guys here. Can’t wait to come visit…will you get a big kolam in front of your house if you have visitors?

  4. Lynn says:

    Looking forward to more posts!

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