Is There Really Such a Thing as Too Many Cameras?

I was very excited to get a package this week containing twelve new old junk vintage cameras, bringing the size of my collection to around fifty.  Here are the new arrivals:


And (changing subjects briefly, but I’ll come back to this) India has a lot of monkeys – 13 types, in fact – but we don’t expect to see many in our city of 7 million people or so.  We asked our neighbor if they’d ever seen a monkey in the suburbs (as we often did in Windhoek) and he assured us we’d never see one.  Yet this morning we were getting ready for work, and there he was – a lone monkey walking along the wall separating the two yards.

So I ran in to grab a camera, and ironically, in a room containing fifty cameras, could not find one that was ready to use.  Instead I grabbed my phone, which has a decent camera, ran out, and snapped a couple of shots.

It turns out, however, that the photos are destined to be trapped inside my (work) phone, for policy reasons.  So if you want to see proof, you’ll have to visit in person and look at the phone.  I suppose I could take a picture of the phone and post that…

In the meantime, this is the kind of monkey we saw:


As a bonus, an interesting article (<-click here) we dug up about our south Indian primate friends:  it turns out they are much more cultured than those monkeys from the north.

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