Mi35 Helicopter Sounds

I have been asked for the soundtrack-less sounds from the footage used in this video clip, showing the Afghan Air Corps firing Mi-35 helicopters last year.  I wasn’t using anything beyond the built-in mic on my camera, and the firing is from some distance away; but if you can use them, here they are:

mi35 engine 1

mi35 engine 2

mi35 taxiing 1

mi35 takeoff

mi35 machinegun 1

mi35 machinegun 2

mi35 rocket 1

mi35 rocket 2

mi35 rocket 3

mi35 rocket 4

mi35 rocket 5

mi35 rocket 6

mi35 rocket 7

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4 Responses to Mi35 Helicopter Sounds

  1. zGuba says:

    Much thanks! May I use them for A.C.E.?

  2. admin says:

    Usethem for anything you want 🙂

  3. zGuba says:

    Much thanks!

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