Underwater Videography

I posted a few weeks ago about having to “make do” with a still camera to do underwater “video-“graphy – and then using photoshop and effects to make it look less like a slideshow.  Well this time I made it work with actual video.  Granted, there are a lot sexier underwater videos out there made by guys who have the gear to go down 10 meters, but what if you’re just a reg’lar person with a reg’lar camera?  What can you do?  Well here’s what I learned:

  • The importance of using a tripod applies underwater.  If you “chase” fish (as I did) the effect is the same as it would be above water.
  • Lighting is as important underwater – if not more so.  Film in shallow water (unless you have a fancy-schmancy underwater spotlight) and when it’s sunny.  Keep the sun behind you if possible so it illuminates the fish
  • Everything will have a blue tint, even though it looked normal underwater.  Use a video editing program that allows you to take out some of the blue, and enhance some of the reds and browns – while still making it clear you’re underwater (i.e. leave some of the blue)
  • Find some kind of music that captures that underwater “feeling”…I found this particularly difficult.  See my earlier post on finding legal music.

Here’s what I came up with.  Feedback?  Ideas on doing it better?

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