Photowalk: Gritty Black and White

One of my favorite camera/film combinations is a (relatively) cheap Ricoh Kr-5 Super II – at just over 20 years old, one of my newest cameras – and Tri-X black and white film. ┬áLots of people go for “fine grain” black and white films, but I like the gritty look you get from this particular film.


I wish I could remember the settings I used on the photo above – it has a washed-out quality that reminds me of watercolor paintings.


The first few shots were taken at different parts around town.  This one below is my favorite on the roll.



It’s not an unusual site once you’ve been here awhile, but all over Chennai, women are employed using these odd brooms to sweep the streets. They can be seen sweeping the streets at all times, day or night.


The last few were at the Thousand Lights Mosque, supposedly one of India’s largest mosques, but utterly deserted in the morning when we stopped by for photographs.




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