“Found Film Friday” on a Sunday

Since around May, 2013, I have been posting “found film” finds pretty regularly – and for the last 8 months, it has been every Friday like clockwork.  This weekend is the first time I missed a Friday, thanks to an outage by my internet provider.  We get great high-speed internet, but sometimes are surprised by how this happens.

Apparently a fiber optic cable was cut on Friday.  Our provider has subcontractors it sends out for repairs.  Basically it’s a bunch of guys with some fancy tools that come out on motorcycles and work till it’s done.  We couldn’t figure out what was taking so long, and brought them some drinks and snacks to rush them along (it didn’t work).

I believe in many places, fiber optic cable gets buried, or runs though some sort of hardened tubes?  No idea, really.  I was surprised to discover it’s really just black cable that looks like any other cable – it gets run along from tree to tree, around poles and mail boxes and anything else that can be used to anchor it down.  When it gets cut, it has to be isolated and re-run.  Here’s a picture (from Hyderabad, not from our neighborhood) that illustrates what a task this can be:

Tangled Wires

So anyhow, it’s “Found Film Sunday”.

This week’s roll comes from a random roll of 35mm that came into my possession with a pile of other unidentified film.  Basically, we’re just talking about a trip to the Goodwill Store, I think.

img194Found Film:  Shopping at Goodwill

I’m not sure who took the pictures – many may have been taken by this little girl – though obviously not this one:

Found Film:  Shopping at Goodwill

Here she is making a call on one of the many phones for sale, none of which are particularly old:

Found Film:  Shopping at Goodwill

This might be Mom:

Found Film:  Shopping at Goodwill

And this could be Dad. Or it could all just be random people. Cool multiple exposure though.

Found Film:  Shopping at Goodwill

Here’s my guess. This family was walking around the Goodwill Store, and they picked up an old camera which still had film in it. They took pictures of each other, as well as random pictures like this one:


And they either bought the camera – or, even more intriguing – placed it back on the shelf. And somehow the film ended up with me, with pictures of their day at the Goodwill Store, and a couple of really weird pictures like this one:

Found Film:  Shopping at Goodwill

Update:  This film was part of a batch of film rolls sold to me by “Mike” – a collector of old slides that is pretty unique and cool in its own right (see his Flickr site) informed me that he recognized that this is indeed the inside of a Goodwill Store – in Bonner Springs, Kansas.  The Goodwill moved out to another building in 2013 and the building is now occupied by the Salvation Army.  I have one more roll of film left from the batch Mike sent me, and we have since discovered that this roll was actually shot by Mike himself.  Check for that this coming Friday.

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One Response to “Found Film Friday” on a Sunday

  1. mgmlvks says:

    I am 100% with you on this – GW store walk-about – a most interesting inside view of what happens.

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