…and we’re off – to Madagascar!

When we were posted in Namibia, we took a trip to Madagascar.  The thought was, “when will we ever have this opportunity again?” because plane tickets from the U.S. are wicked expensive.  How ironic that a few short years later we should discover that we will be posted there for a two-year assignment (extendable to three!)

Entering Madagascar

Exploring Madagascar’s Jungles at Night

Madagascar on 12.12.12 Part 1:  the Lemurs

Madagascar on 12.12.12 Part 2:  the Snake

Madagascar:  Chameleons and Lemurs

and a couple of videos that I thought were embedded in blog posts, but I can’t seem to find the actual blog posts.  Maybe I got lazy or distracted.

Dirt Biking on Ile Ste Marie:

Madagascar:  Lemur Island

Driving in Tana (Antananarivo)

Madagascar: Chameleons and Other Critters

Madagascar: Underwater at Ile Ste Marie

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