Entering Madagascar

Getting off the plane at Antananarivo, we were greeted by a pleasant, warm humidity…and the occasional raindrop.  As our driver took us into the city however, the rain started for real.  Soon the rain was gushing down in buckets, and the streets of downtown ‘Tana turned into rivers, and I wondered how some of the old French Renaults were not simply getting swept away.  Within an hour, however, things had calmed down, and we were assured this is an afternoon occurrence at most.  Tomorrow we’re off to see the lemurs at Andasibe-Mantadia National Park, and the weather calls for rain again, so we’re packing plenty of ziplocs and raincoats.

It does make for nice sunsets though.

Our cab driver after dinner, who claimed to be a member of the national rugby team (he told us Madagascar had recently beaten Namibia in the Africa Cup), asked us if we were Americans, and when we said we were, asked if we spoke Malagasy.  He said “all the Americans speak Malagasy.”  “At the embassy?” I asked.  No – Mormon missionaries!  He likes Americans.

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