Another Contest!

While eagerly awaiting results of the $25,000 prize for’s video contest (I’m not holding my breath) I entered 3 videos in the Lowe’s Spring Dream video contest. Sadly, they only accepted 2. Check out the site at, and select “gallery.” There are 5 categories and 6 available themes, and each category will be awarded an awesome prize package from Lowe’s. Voting starts May 16, not clear on exactly how this is going to work. But every YouTube user can vote once a day!

The TAZM entries are below – the first two were accepted by Lowe’s, the third not. No idea why not – I think it’s kind of lame that they don’t tell you, too!

Category: Outdoor Maintenance Made Easy
Category: Relaxing Outdoor Retreat
Category: Ultimate Backyard Play Area (not accepted by Lowe’s!)
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One Response to Another Contest!

  1. admin says:

    Update – Lowe’s has chosen 5 finalists for each category, and only the middle video (above) made the cut. You can vote for it during the second half of May by going to Lowes’ channel , selecting the “outdoor retreat” category, and giving it a thumbs up…or down!

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