My Destination’s “Biggest Baddest Bucket List” and Namibia

Here’s a great idea for a video contest:  make a 3 minute video about a favorite destination, write a few hundred words about travel, and send three photos.  What can you win?  a six-month, all-expense-paid trip around the world, and fifty grand in cash when it’s all over (presumably to make up for lost salary?)

Sound too good to be true?  My Destination is sponsoring just such a video contest.  And you’ve got three days left to enter!  No, I didn’t wait until now to tell you because I entered myself – I just heard about this too.  But what piqued my interest was the entry by a Namibian. Check out his video where he tries to portray Namibia as the “ultimate destination” (it’s certainly a contender!)  And then check out all the other really great travel destinations out there.  This will keep you busy – as of this writing, I count 711 videos.  Oh, and don’t forget to vote for your favorite!

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