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Doing My Bit for Science

You never know where your pictures will end up!  So far people have been pretty good about asking for permission (as far as I know). About four years ago I was experimenting with macro photography, taking pictures of odd bugs … Continue reading

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Macro Photography: Weird Big Bug

There are so many insect species out there that it’s almost impossible to identify the ones you come across.  This one flies and lives in Namibia, and has odd hind legs, almost like a bee laden with honey.  It’s fun … Continue reading

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Photo: Bug Eats Millipede

I snapped this interesting photo the other day as I was experimenting with some screw-in macro lenses I had gotten in the mail.  Here in Namibia, there are millions of millipedes coiled up under rocks, soil, everyplace you dig.  So … Continue reading

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