Lions and Impalas

At Goas watering hole, around the center of the driveable part of Etosha National Park, we stumbled upon a pride of lions – it must have been seven.  But the really strange thing was the impalas and the way they behaved in the presence of the lions.  Rather than just leave and go to a completely different watering hole, they would just stand stock-still, maybe 75 meters away, and make these odd chuffing sounds.  Along with the sounds of the impalas, there is also the constant chatter of birds, which adds a sort of eeriness to the scene I think. I was able to capture much of it using a Rode Video Mic.

What I also really like about this video is how the young lions greet their mother when she returns (at about 2:30 onward).  It’s hard to imagine them as the dangerous carnivores that they are when they behave this way.

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