Toshiba Qosmio X875 Touchpad Issues

So I just received a brand new Toshiba Qosmio X875 series video editing DREAM laptop, with 16 GB of RAM, 1.75 TB of hard drive space (on two drives) and a 3D capable, 17.3 inch screen. The thing weighs a ton, but for just under 2 grand, you’re not going to be throwing this in your backpack so you can skype from the beach! It’s generally going to sit in the same place. I’ve been waiting to order the PERFECT laptop for video editing since my last laptop got stolen over the Christmas holidays and it’s FINALLY here and it is really cool.

Except this one nagging thing: the touchpad has this thing where it “falls asleep” if you don’t use it for about 10 seconds, and you have to move your finger around for about a second and a half before the cursor starts responding again. Once it’s moving, it works perfectly. I’ve been speaking to tech support in the States – they are kind enough to offer to call me back if we’re disconnected until I tell them I live in AFRICA and I really want to fix this if possible because I don’t want to mail this thing back…I could probably live with this but it would always nag.

And no one online seems to have ever had this problem. Have you? Help1

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