Weavers in our Garden

In my opinion, there are few natural things as amazing to see as the nest of a weaver. In Namibia, there are the giant communal weaver nests, and there are the individual pair nests (built by two different species. The individual nests are built by bright yellow birds with a black eye patch). Both of them are amazing, because the birds somehow start with a single blade of grass, and then manage to weave together hundreds of pieces into a small structure that will eventually hold their young.

We were excited because yesterday we saw a weaver had begun to build a nest in our back yard. This morning, however, there was no sign of it until I searched under the tree, and I found the half finished structure below. It’s worth taking a look at it to see how the stalks and blades of grass were actually woven together and around each other by a bird that was mostly hanging upside down from the partly finished nest. Where did it perch before the nest could support its weight? We’ll never know…


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