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Well, the smoke cleared and…the TAZM Pictures entry on the eCompliments video contest ended up in 12th place.  Things were going well; just as it looked like we would drop off the bottom (the lowest-ranked video was dropping off the “marquis”, one per day) the work publicizing the video on Twitter started making a difference.  It moved from 22nd all the way up to 7th.  Then out of nowhere comes a video about a high school (not bad, actually) and then some celebrity you may have heard of but I haven’t comes in at the last minute and blows everyone away.  It was unfortunately considering some of the causes winners would have donated to.

But it confirms my observation that the best video is not necessarily the one that wins.  The person who can rustle up the most votes will be the one that wins.  So I was bummed when we slid back to 12th, but it’s all part of the “game.”

A few days after the contest, eCompliments sent me an email with the following text:

Thank you contestants!

We will be running a new contest with new rules in January. Some of the anticipated changes include:

  • A panel making the determination of  the winner based on a combination of factors, including the number of votes;
  • The video requirements will be more tightly focused on “compliments” and “sharing the good”; and
  • There will be a grand prize and prizes for second and third place.

So be sure to check back at that time!  We can’t wait to see your creativity again!

Share the Good,

Video Contest Team

Which is kind of cool because it addresses all the concerns I – and probably many others – had with the contest.  So I hope I can count on the same support we got from the Twitter-verse, friends and family in the next one.  See you in January!

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One Response to eCompliments Contest Winner

  1. John Snyder says:

    Thanks for the kind words. Can’t wait to see the next video you come up with for the Jan. contest. Thanks so much for sharing the good. We hope with the new rules more people provide videos that share the good.


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