Two Video Contests

When you love animals as much as we do in our family, it’s hard to get upset with folks sponsoring a video contest to support the ASPCA.  And I didn’t really need the half of the prize that would have gone to me – an iPad (the other half was a $500 donation to our local ASPCA).  But I am still really surprised, given the other entries, that we didn’t manage to pull off a win in this one.  My dog and I, that is.  Check out the 5 video winners here.   This is our entry:

I think the folks at ran a good contest, despite the odd combination of photo+essay and videos into a single contest; and the 50/50 prize split between the contestant and the ASPCA is a great idea.  I’m just mystified by the judges’ choice, and am starting to feel jinxed after a long string of contest losses.

And then there’s the contest we DIDN’T enter.  I remember this one a while back – I suggested my daughters think about possible music video ideas for the acoustic version of Coldplay’s “Lost”.  Good thing we decided to pass on that one – apparently there were a THOUSAND entries!  Check out the winner, a pretty cool combination of animation types:

And then the runner up:

What’s amazing about these videos is not only the lengths to which the filmmakers went to produce an entry which ultimately had to hold its own among over one thousand competitors. Both took an immense amount of work – in completely different ways – and were completely different takes on the lyrics of the song. I’d love to browse through the other entries, but I don’t quite have the, er “resources” available to do that, which Coldplay did. Do you suppose, after the first hundred or so, they turned the volume down?

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