The Right Music for a Video. But Not Quite.

Sometimes finding exactly the right ‘feel’ music for a video is the most fun part of video editing, and other times I dread it.  Because I already know that it’s going to be impossible to find music that won’t be too depressing, won’t be too happy, too distracting, irritating – in short, that won’t even be noticed that much, but makes the video just a bit better.

In this case, I had a bunch of close-up footage of chameleons – really colorful ones, close up – and other small, furry, slimy or scaly creatures – and just wanted to highlight the animals.  Not that there was any background dialogue or noise in the footage.  But the imagery was the point.

After hours and hours of listening to options, considering what I might be able to produce on my own, and weighing the option of no music at all, this is what I came up with.  It would be great if a lot of people read this blog and sent suggestions for different/better music…but for now I’m stuck with “almost right.”

Enjoy the chameleons!

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