Best music for hanging out with giraffes

When you’re editing vacation videos, it’s always fun to come up with the best music – ideally one that conveys the right mood, maybe something that relates to the place you’re visiting.  But sometimes the best music to convey the mood is no music at all.  In this video, we managed to get awfully close to some giraffes, who appeared as interested in us as we were in them.  To convey the quiet, peaceful calm as these gentle giants foraged on acacia trees, all the while watching us with a wary eye, it seemed best to just use the sounds of surrounding nature.  I also let it run a bit long – there’s no major action.  Just hanging out with the giraffes.

[As a side note, it should be mentioned that giraffes, when cornered or startled, possess a kick powerful enough to kill a lion.  Lest you try and get even closer than we did.]

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