Afghanistan, Then and Now

The Denver Post has just posted a wonderful collection of photos of Afghanistan from the 1960s which paints a world that was remarkably different than it is today.

Taken by William Podlich, a professor from Arizona State University who took a break to teach in Afghanistan, the photos serve as a reminder of an Afghanistan that looked like it was developing quickly into a prosperous and forward-thinking country.  Nowadays, it is easy to forget that things were not always as they are now.

I’ve posted a couple of his photos and encourage you to check them out.  Below each, I posted a couple of photos I took in 2008 or so, near the same places he took his.

Men and boys washing and swimming in the Kabul River.
Above: Children play in the Kabul river in the late 1960s.

Below:  The Kabul River in 2008.


Masjid Shah-e-do Shamsheera in Kabul.
Above: The Masjid Shah-e-do Shamsheera in Kabul, late 1960s.
Below: The same mosque today.

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  1. our beautifull city kabul ziba.

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