Documentary: Child Labor in Afghanistan

I wish I could say I had made this documentary on child labor in Afghanistan.  This is a story that needs to be told; the circumstances in Afghanistan have led many, many children to lose any real childhood whatsoever.  The filmmakers, who work for an Afghan television station, would not have had to look hard to find examples of child labor.  At virtually any major intersection in the larger towns and cities; outside military bases; at bazaars and markets; and at brickmaking facilities around the country, children can be found earning income to support their families, often as the sole breadwinner.  Because older girls and women are often barred from leaving the home to work, and fathers may be unable to work or otherwise absent, children as young as ten often find themselves with no other options.  The most heartbreaking is when these kids are caught in the crossfire of insurgent attacks; innocent victims at the wrong intersection or outside a military base at the wrong time.

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