Namibian Nights: The Best Timelapse Ever

I’ve looked at a lot of timelapses, and after a certain number of them you just start to want to fast forward through them because they’re spectacular and all, but after awhile everything just sort of starts to look the same.  This one, however, is different.  Not only because I’ve tried to take photos in the same places and they’re not even 10% as good, but the combination of spectacular night skies, reflected fill light, and the use of rails in stop motion, at night in places where mere mortals are not even allowed to be after dark…

Actually one of the best qualities of this timelapse is that he keeps it short – so that at the end you are left wanting more.  They say they kept it short to conform with contest entry requirements, and a longer version is coming – so I’m curious to see what they cut out.  It’s hard to edit out your own footage, especially when it’s this spectacular.

Put this on full screen, enjoy the show, and share it with your friends.

Namibian Nights from Squiver on Vimeo.

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